Snapchat Introduced New “Shared Stories” Feature

Snapchat has introduced an exciting new feature for users. The popular social networking app Snapchat has introduced a new ‘Shared Stories’ feature that allows users to easily share their notes on the app.

Like all stories on Snapchat, story snaps are automatically deleted after 24 hours. However, unlike the usual stories, and friend groups, there is no chat element for shared stories.

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Snapchat said posted content is handled carefully through automated language detection and community review tools.

Additionally, the app will notify users who have a story shared with them that they have blocked.

Depending on the application, it will be up to the user to decide with whom they want to share their content and whom they want to keep away from it.

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The company said shared stories are a new take on personalized stories, a product that previously allowed SnapChatters to create stories and friends to watch and collaborate with.

Unlike the usual stories and friend groups, chat is not part of every conversation between friends.

Content is carefully moderated, using a combination of automated language recognition and new community review tools that allow Snapchatters to play an active role in keeping Snaps safe and entertaining in shared stories.

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With this next-gen story, the company says it hopes to help SnapChatters turn shared moments into shared memories.

Snapchat launched the ‘Shared Stories’ feature. According to Snapchat, Shared Stories is a new type of personalized story, a product that previously allowed Snapchat users to create stories. 

Images submitted to shared stories will disappear after 24 hours. Also, shared stories are not part of the chat, unlike normal stories and friend groups.

Snapchat uses new community review and language detection tools to moderate the content of shared stories. In related news, Snapchat is working on a new parental control feature that will allow you to monitor your children’s activities on the app. It’s important to note that other social platforms, including Instagram and Facebook, already have a parental control feature.

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In addition, guardians will be able to see whom their children are chatting with on Snapchat and whom they have texted in the last seven days. Additionally, the tool will allow guardians to report any abuse, harassment, or other issues.

Snapchat brings a new feature that will make it easier for users to share Snap. This feature is called shared stories. Users can create shared stories by tapping the Create New Story option and selecting ‘Shared Story’.

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