Some Most Disliked Apps in the World

We see many application promotions everywhere on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, etc. We can say we see various apps on our phone screens. One research was conducted on various apps by DotNek based on digital posting on social media, and the team analyzed above three million tweets associated with various apps. The basic purpose of this research is to find the most hated apps category.

According to the results based on this research, the analysis showed that mobile games received relatively few negative reviews because users are not satisfied. User comfort is very important when most hated apps are considered mobile apps, and a recent investigation by DotNek says this peace of mind has decreased in current times. It is quite obvious that users and people love some apps and hate some. Many circumstances take part in these views, such as the user’s personal choice like liking or disliking and the ads type their publicity and content of the app.

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The professionals at Electronics Hub determined to check the dislike rate of apps as well as liked rate too around the world. The team analyzed the above million tweets (based on users’ choices on social media). In this research, they took tweets associated with various dating apps, mobile gaming apps, social media apps, money transfers apps, social media apps, etc. The main results of the most disliked apps seen in this research. Their analysis found that mobile games received relatively few negative reviews. But, Roblox appeared as the most disliked app in these countries. But still, it is not as worse in the hated grade as dating apps people consider Hinge, a dating app the most disliked app in the world.

People are not very much satisfied with dating apps as they feel people are not genuine. They play with the feelings and sentiments of a person as they join these apps for time to pass, not for a genuine purpose. Due to the above reasons, dating apps, in general, turned out to be the most hated app category in many countries. Some countries, including Ireland, New Zealand, Jersey, and Jamaica, were more criticized for the apps in general.

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Surprising Roblox is not only the most hated app, but there are others too, as cultural distinctions were also undoubtedly seen in the study. The highly rich English language-speaking world and the Middle East don’t like Tinder, the dating app. In Iran, 71.4 percent of all tweets on Tinder were negative, the highest percentage. E-commerce websites are equally competing in the competition of less-liked apps among people in South America. People do not like e-commerce apps very much, and Amazon is at the top of the list of most disliked apps.

Mobile analytics firm Tune data shows that apps drive most people to disturb by interesting them to uninstall and reinstall the application. It turns out that frustration with this process is common, with 41% of apps reinstalling after uninstalling.

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