Spraying & Weeding Robot “Solix” will Prevent Damage of Pesticides to Agriculture

Even today, poor countries do field weeding by hand, which is time-consuming. But a robot can do this automatically and spray the pesticide only where needed. The Solux sprinkler can work automatically with solar energy, its powerful camera can destroy the self-grass that grows around the plant thanks to AI, and its special sensors examine the plant from ground level upwards. And only spray when needed.

This robot is named Solix and tested on many crops including wheat, soybean, and corn crops. The benefit of this robot is that it will reduce 70 percent over pesticide use and it will spray continuously without break. Currently, the poison is applied indiscriminately, it can spray 100 acres of crops in one day.

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This robot is developed by Solantec, a Brazilian and American company. Scientists see those common pesticides remain in the environment, and these are dangerous to people. This robot will save this issue and save money by reducing the cost of labor, time, and pesticides product. This robot uses solar energy and also works on a battery. This robot forms a digital map of the working place that can be reused again.

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