Surprising Purpose of Other Holes Besides Speaker and USB Cable Connectors in Phone

The purpose of other holes rather than speaker and USB Cable Connectors on the phone will surprise you, as this magical hole has some benefits for the mobile. Today, all of us use mobile phones. Here are some magical advantages of these holes in mobile.

You may see the speaker hole and USB cable connect option, but you see other holes at the bottom too. A Speaker hole is used to connect a hands-free microphone, headphones, etc. for transmitting and receiving voice from one source to the other. We are also familiar with USB cable holes in the phone through which we can get our phone charged by using a charger or cable.

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Still, there are some other holes too besides these two. We will tell you about voice canceling microphone hole. This hole is the noise-canceling microphone. We can use this hole for the help of humanity. In this, drifts do not disturb humans.

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