Telenor introduced the Telecom Sector’s first Health and Safety Initiative for Employees

Telenor Pakistan has introduced the telecom industry’s first health and safety initiative for franchise personnel. Telenor has also introduced direct digital payments to retailers that reduce RSO’s exposure to the market.

For employees who consider a profession as an objective, the system needs to remember their necessities. These include protection from physical danger, peace of mind, and knowing that your finances will not be affected if your health suffers.

Telenor has carried out the telecommunication industry’s first fitness and protection initiative, Health, Safety, Security and Environment (HSSE). With this initiative, Telenor Pakistan gives life and health insurance to its employees in a matter of robbery, operation, disasters, injury, ill health, and demise. It particularly boosted this to Retail Selling Officers (RSOs), who work as trades assistants linking Telenor with sellers.

RSOs walk routes and visit retail stores daily to ensure that Telenor products are available to customers. They take the payment from transactions that are delivered to franchisees’ bank accounts at different banks. Since RSOs use motorbikes with large amounts of money, they are at risk of accidents and stealing.

With Askari Insurance as a partner, Health and Life Insurance cover all employees of the franchise. If an employee got injured during business operations, you get insurance to cover your medical expenses. If they demise, the insurance company provides the allowance to the grieving house. In addition, cash in transit (CIT) insurance is offered to all franchisees, which covers up to Rs 500,000. If an RSO is a prey to robbery, it pays them for the cash loss.

Telenor has collaborated with large financial banks and has a permit for 200 cash assurance devices scattered along the ride paths where RSOs can transfer cash. Telenor has also presented immediate retail digital payments that reduce RSOs’ market orientation by restricting the payment they hold and defending them from robbery.

Telenor has mandated all RSOs to ensure HSSE compliance through Apollo, a state-of-the-art distribution application. With Apollo, RSOs assure they adhere to security laws, proper helmet use on every drive, an energized driver’s license, and conduct health examinations on their bike. Besides the energy life tool, there is also a circumstance telling structure for them to notify all business-related events.

Telenor promises insurance and assures that these strategies are in place so that RSOs can play their tasks with positive mental health, knowing that their company, Telenor Pakistan, protects them. With this initiative, Telenor Pakistan has not only supported reducing biological risks for them but also developed their variety of life and empowered them to do more.


Telenor Pakistan introduced the telecom sector’s first health and safety initiative for franchise employees. Telenor Pakistan has introduced the telecommunication sector’s first health and safety initiative for franchise employees in case of any robbery, illness, or death.

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