The Beta Version Introducing the Feature of Hiding Phone Numbers in WhatsApp Groups

WhatsApp is a Mobile Application that uses for all kinds of messaging. WhatsApp time to time, updated its features. Already, we know that millions of WhatsApp groups are all over the world.

We know people in WhatsApp groups can also see your phone number, whether you want it or not, and thus you can’t even keep your number private. So, that is why WhatsApp is functioning on a new feature, now introducing a feature that will let users secrete their phone numbers from specific groups or communities on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp is working on this feature and could proceed in the coming days. And maybe very soon launched. WABetaInfo is a website that stalks the Meta-owned app updates and reports about the features. After updating this feature, the Phone Number can be invisible, and its sharing can be off by default. 

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As a participant, when you enter a group, the Phone Number will be invisible immediately, but the user can share the phone number if they want.

Now, this feature will be limited to one group or community. Moreover, WhatsApp has edited the status feature, and now users will be apt to listen to voice notes in status and chat with others. In the coming days, this feature, feasible for all WhatsApp users.

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