The Increased Use of LED Lights Dangerous for Health

Aren’t you putting your life in danger with LED lights and bulbs? The use of blue light obtained from artificial sources is increasing. These LED lights may have more detrimental effects on us. Researchers from the University of Exeter have noticed a change in the types of lighting systems used by European nations to illuminate buildings and streets at night.

Even though LED lighting is more cost-effective and energy-efficient, the researchers claim that the continent-wide rise in blue light radiation it brings about is having “unfavorable biological impacts.” The study asserted that blue light radiation’s impacts had been disregarded in earlier studies on the effects of light pollution.

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The primary negative impact of blue light on health is its capacity to suppress melatonin production, which controls sleep cycles in both humans and other living things. According to several scientific studies, it has a great effect on sleeping patterns and causes several health issues.

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