The Incredible Benefit of WhatsApp for Married Couples

Millions of people around the world use WhatsApp, but they will not know about one of its amazing benefits. There are incredible benefits of WhatsApp for married people. WhatsApp can assist wedded partners by protecting their relationships. This statement came from the research. Research published in the journal, New Media and Society found that the app can be a great place for couples to fight and make up.

Well, it doesn’t sound like a good place for a discussion, but researchers say WhatsApp helps people understand their spouse’s point of view. Similarly, emojis allow you to better express emotions and anger. WhatsApp chat can help save a relationship, the researchers said. In this research, they added 18 couples between 35 to 50 years who spent five years together.

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Then, it was observed what type of behavior these couples exhibited in a case of conflict, such as coldness, emotionality, or others. He then looked at the relationship effects of having the same argument in a messaging app. The result says, that after disputes, usually couples do not talk to each other but check their social apps to see whether their spouse text them or not also this help to overview mistakes and relationship so, this aids to give a better understanding of a relationship.

This research also claims that people born between the 1960s and 1970s prefer direct communication to solve issues rather than digital means. The result concludes that this research helps to boost the relationship of couples as it gives an additional platform to make the foundation of the relationship strong.

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