The WhatsApp iPad version is coming soon!

WhatsApp tested the iPad app several times, but it never made it to the final version.WhatsApp can now release the iPad version after being seen working on Multi-Device 2.0. It still does not allow users to log in to one account from two different phones. In addition to the iPad, WhatsApp is also developing a version for macOS.

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Multi-device support allows users to log in to one account from four devices.WhatsApp was testing an iPad app, but it didn’t make it to the final version.

iPad users have long demanded a separate WhatsApp, but the company has yet to launch it. On several occasions, WhatsApp was seen testing the application for iPad but never reached the final version. However, WhatsApp may eventually release an iPad version as it works on Multi-Device 2.0. Multi-device support allows users to log in to one account from four different devices, but WhatsApp still doesn’t allow users to log in to 1 account from 2 phones.

Sharing a screenshot of the iPad version of the app, Wabetainfo, a website that tracks WhatsApp features, wrote, Will link. future calculations. At the moment, it is unknown what he will do after leaving office.

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WhatsApp is currently not optimized for tablets. That doesn’t mean you can’t use WhatsApp on the tablet. Depending on the tablet’s operating system, download the mobile version from the App Store and Play Store.

After working on the feature for almost three years, WhatsApp has made the multi-device feature available to everyone. The feature currently allows users to use WhatsApp for a single account from four different accounts.

Speaking about the feature, a WhatsApp spokesperson said: “Multi-device means that users will have the same functionality available in the existing public versions of WhatsApp web, desktop, and portal, just without connecting a phone. Our multi-device capability instantly improves the experience for people using desktop/web and portals and adds support for more device types over time. It will also make it possible,” said the spokesperson

WhatsApp is currently not optimized for tablets. It does not rule out the possibility of using WhatsApp on tablets. Users had no choice but to use browser versions of these apps, which are not as robust and flexible as their desktop counterparts. We should expect similar functionality to that seen on the desktop version. 

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After nearly three years of development, WhatsApp has made multi-device capability available for all its users. Currently, users can use WhatsApp from four different accounts for one account with this capability. However, only one primary phone will use, and the rest of the devices will be your laptop or notebook.

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