The World’s First App to Send Messages Underwater 

US experts have developed an SMS app that works up to 30 meters deep in water. After so many advancements, still, our smartphones are not so competent to work under deep water. We can not take calls or send messages through the phone in water. Now, American experts made a digital app for communication that helps a person carry his communication underwater. Scientists at Washington University named AquaApp to it, which works on almost all kinds of smartphones without hardware upgradation. Scientists faced many problems while manufacturing, and it is not child’s play to make it. Now people like scuba divers will communicate through it.

Underwater divers use hand signals for communication like amateur or recreational divers work with only 20 signs or signals, and professional divers know 200 signs that information about their condition, lack of oxygen, or marine life. This app can work on smartwatches and also on smartphones. However, smartwatches are not a very good option as lack communication work underwater or are deficient in some way. Use of this AquaApp is easy, and the diver needs a waterproof bag for keeping the phone or using the waterproof phone. 

Aqua app only needed your waterproof or any other waterproof car phone, the most important is the microphone and speaker. All you have to do underwater is that the 240 messages already used by divers are already included, in the form of SMS, 20 of which display messages including orientation, environmental conditions, etc. And the dive team situation. These include orientation, atmospheric conditions, and the status of the dive gear, for example, how much oxygen is there and what the other diver is saying.

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But it comes with several problems, as underwater phone signals are weak, and even waves and humans still make a difference. For these issues algorithm is built, that optimizes the application in the changing situation. Furthermore, this algorithm optimizes the entire system in terms of solar distance. Interestingly, this expert has created a network protocol that can run on 60 phones at the same time. The experts then tested it at different depths and found that it works best down to a depth of 30 meters. However, more experience remains.

American experts have created an application for communication in shallow water. Jamia’troops have called it ‘Aquap’ almost every phone has to make it work for any hardware change, but it starts to make nothing easy, and then the technical difficulties start. Now divers must approach it for communication.

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