Three Hidden Things in Phones that Can Surprise Anyone

It is not wrong to say today that we are in the world with the mobile in hand. It seems that the phone is a part of our body and a habit for many people. Using the mobile phone while sleeping, waking up, drinking, going, and even in the bathroom is so common that it seems that you are not using a mobile phone. The mobile phone is using you.

There are some secrets about your phone that you don’t know.If you dial *3370# from your phone, it will update the feature on your phone and give you the best signals, even during calls. It Is for Mobile Phone Users.

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You must have often noticed that when some people call, they get a hidden number instead of their number, or some number does not come at all. You can do this too. Before you dial the number, please dial this code #31# and then dial the number. Your number will not be visible to iPhone and Android users.

Many of us are concerned about phone memory. After transferring all your mobile data to Telegram messenger, you need to enable its settings. Your phone may not be out of memory. These hidden things on phones affect daily life. 

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