Three Things that Slow Down Wi-Fi Signal

We all face difficulties in connecting to Wi-Fi. To solve this issue, we will tell you about three things that slow down Wi-Fi signals. Most of us must be worried about slow Wi-Fi speed because Wi-Fi has become a major necessity in every household and everyone wants its speed to be fast.

If you feel worried about slow Wi-Fi, you just need to know three things that slow down Wi-Fi signals. Here are some things that slow down our Wi-Fi signals.

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Old TV:

Many people have an old television at home but few know that this television or any second-hand television emits a signal that interferes with the broadband connection and crashes it. It is.

CCTV cameras:

Experts say that all kinds of electrical devices, from lights and lamps to CCTV cameras, affect your broadband connection, so connect your network to a place where these devices are not installed or move away from the router.


According to the British telecoms regulator Ofcom, microwaves can reduce Wi-Fi signals, so make sure your Wi-Fi router is located away from microwaves.

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