TikTok will Block Paid Political Posts

TikTok doing too little to prevent the spread of political misinformation and divisive content on their apps. While TikTok has banned paid political ads since 2019, campaign strategists got around the ban by paying influencers to promote political issues.

Eric Hahn, chief security officer for TikTok in the US, said during a briefing with reporters that the company is trying to bridge the gap by hosting briefings with creators and talent agencies to remind them that paid political content is illegal. The post is against TikTok policies.

He said creators are being paid to post political content, and the company will look for infringing posts. It will also rely on media reports and external partners to do so. “We saw this as an issue in 2020,”.

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TikTok announced its plan after similar updates from Meta and Twitter. Meta, who owns Facebook and Instagram, said Tuesday that she would ban political advertisers from running new ads a week before the election, a move she took in 2020.

Last week, Twitter said it planned to reinstate previous strategies for the midterm elections, including labeling some misleading tweets and inserting credible information into timelines to further discourage false claims. It can be removed before it spreads online. Civil rights and electoral experts said the plan was not enough to prepare for the election.

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