Top 15 Countries with Excess Smartphone Users 

In the current period, no one can live without a mobile, even if it is impossible for children and adults. But most of us don’t know which country has the highest usage of mobile devices.

Now, of course, mobile phone is a need of people, and many countries are even promoting education through phones as it is light to carry compared to bags. After Covid, life is in hybrid mode, and in that freezing point, people used to do work through phones, and students also took online classes. These are a few reasons for making smartphone sales more in numbers. 

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According to data published by the Statista data website in 2021, China is at the top position with an enormous number of mobile phones. One data says in the world’s most populated country, China, more than 950 million people use mobile phones. It is a vast population.

According to the data, India ranks second with over 49 million mobile phone users. No one can deny the superpower United States. It took the second position with 274 million mobile phone users in the world. 17.4 million in Indonesia and 10.18 million in Brazil use 53 mobile phones.

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Russia scored the sixth position, Japan is seventh on the list, Mexico took eighth, Vietnam at ninth, and Germany is in the tenth position on the list. Bangladesh rates 11th, Iran at 12th, Turkey is 30th, the UK is 14th, and France is in15th number. Statistics of the Statista data website position Pakistan at 16th on the list.

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