Twitter Testing Status Update Vibe Feature

Like Instagram and WhatsApp, Twitter has also started working on a status option for its users and called it “Vibe”!

Jane Wong, a researcher, first hinted at this. She says the user will see there an option above-the-tweet composer box. You will see Set a status field above the Tweet Composer box. According to her, There user will see a list of five pre-set vibes, and there some silly statuses are available, like dropping deals or traveling on the highway. But no further details are released.

People find it similar to the status feature feeling like Facebook. or simply reminiscent of feature feelings of Facebook and associated with posts, and now compare it to the status of the invalid Instagram threads messaging app. But it may give you the option status change. The ”vibe” can be on the basis per tweet, every post has its own, and in profile views and the tweets, it is viewable. This way, You will be able to tweet live from the conference and thus clarify your position live from an event often, change their display name to indicate what they are doing, so profile level status can mimic this process.

However, Twitter has not made any tweet or statement in this regard. When The Verge website tried to know, they did not get any response from Twitter. However, it is safe to say that Twitter may soon offer this to some users for testing.

To simplify it, Twitter wants to keep up the good vibes!. First seen by researcher Jane Manchun Wong Twitter allows users to set a status, and “Vibe” is its code name. It will be seen under the username instead. We are glad Twitter is still testing it, as these options seem outdated. According to The Verge, not sure whether a user can customize updates. As is true of all things Twiter, this feature can never see the light of day if testing is of no use.

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