Uber System Hacked by a Young Man

Many Uber staff members initially believed the letter to be a joke because it was so overt. After an 18-year-old hacked into his entire system, Uber, the world’s most popular online car service, launched a ”Cyber Security” program. Uber asserts that the hacker tampered with the business’ internal systems, despite the hacker’s assertion that he had administrator access to the company’s tools, including Google Cloud Platform and Amazon Web Services.

The transportation business has reportedly shut down several internal systems, including Slack, as it investigates the hack, according to the New York Times. When contacted by The Verge for comment, a corporate spokeswoman declined to provide further details, citing his tweet that read: “We are actively investigating a cybersecurity incident.” Law enforcement is in touch with us, and we’ll post more developments here as soon as they’re available.

The hacker allegedly wrote, “I officially proclaim that I am a hacker and Uber is having a data breach,” in a message on the business’s internal Slack platform. After that, the hacker published confidential corporate data that he claimed to have access to and created a hashtag accusing Uber of underpaying its drivers. Many Uber employees initially believed the alleged hacker’s Slack post was a prank since it was so obvious, according to the Washington Post.

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An anonymous Uber employee told Yoga Labs security engineer Sam Curry that staff was talking to the hacker, thinking he was joking. The hacker, who told The New York Times he was 18 years old, admitted to breaking into Uber’s internal systems for amusement and said he was now thinking about disclosing the company’s source code.

He claimed to have used employee login information obtained through social engineering to access an internal VPN during a conversation with cybersecurity researcher Corbin Liu. From there, they allegedly discovered PowerShell scripts on Uber’s intranet that held access management credentials, allowing them to access Uber’s G Suite and AWS accounts. “As it stands, it’s completely a risk,” Curry told The New York Times. And he’s enjoying his life. “

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