Unknown Secret of the Flashlight on Mobile

Do you know the secret of the flashlight on mobile? Almost everyone uses a mobile phone, but everyone doesn’t need to know all the functions it contains. Do you know that you can download an application on your mobile through which you can save photos, videos, documents, and audio on your mobile?

If not, it won’t be an issue because we’ll talk about the same app today. Simply download the Flashlight Gallery Vault app to get started. Once you download, the first screen will appear, showing you can use the flashlight. When you tap on the word flashlight, a new screen will appear, requesting you to enter the password.

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After entering the password, the application will ask you to choose a color. After doing all the steps mentioned above, you can save your videos, photos, documents, and audio by clicking on the icons. Using this software, you can conceal everything you don’t want other people to see.

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