What is Freelancing & How does it Work?

What is Freelancing?

Being self-employed means working as an independent business instead of being employed by someone else. Freelancing is a contract-based profession where, rather than being employed by one organization, the individual provides services to multiple clients using the skills and experience of that organization.

Don’t equate freelancing with working from home. A work-from-home job is a contract between you and an employer that pays, while freelancing does not. It’s just that it offers many of the jobs that freelancers do over the Internet without their presence on company or client premises.

Who is a freelancer?

A freelancer is a self-employed person who earns money by serving multiple clients. It relates these services to the experience of the person and is not necessarily provided only to companies. Can you maintain a luxurious lifestyle while being self-employed? How do you start with freelance jobs? As 11 percent of the adult population of the US consists of full-time freelancers, this shows it must be good to be a freelancer.

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