What is TikTok’s Next Text to Image Feature?

TikTok’s new feature will display images of words you type, which means now, a user will get correlated pictures of their written searches. This idea of text conversion into illustrations will gain much popularity among people as getting people much appreciate artificial intelligence. Related to AI, TikTok has also introduced the text-to-image feature in its app.

This text-to-image feature uses a widely known filter, AI Green Screen. This filter is very famous in many countries. But TikTok named it an effect that does not form an image with high resolution. Anyhow TikTokers can add it to the background. Whether it’s audio or video, they can use it both ways.

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Google’s text-to-image software is much better than TikTok’s software. Similarly, OpenA1 and Dell2 are also going well. TikTok’s feature makes images that do not look stable. In this way, the viewer of TikTok result feels the people seeing an image as if it were a dreamlike image. Other apps make images closely related to reality, but TikTok is not very close to the actual image of the object. My digital analysts and experts are not showing interest in it and suggest improving it.

Firstly, it takes a lot of computing power to create an image of text, and secondly, if you want a violent picture, you create more blurry impressions. But experts believe in giving TikTok credit because their generator creates images very fast, which is also recognized by experts.

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