WhatsApp Bringing Edit Button to Desktop Users

It is likely to introduce the editing button on the desktop version of WhatsApp, the most popular messaging application in the world. A feature that will add an edit button to messages sent on the desktop is being developed by WhatsApp and will be released soon. Before WhatsApp, the edit button feature was already accessible on the social networks Facebook and Instagram, and Twitter just announced the addition of a similar button.

Although it was said on WhatsApp a few months ago that an edit button was being developed and would probably be released soon, this hasn’t happened yet. The ‘wabetainfo’ website, which tracks updates to WhatsApp, reports that app developers are hard at work bringing the edit option to desktop users. The report says that initially the access edit button will be granted to limited users and will probably be rolled out first to users who use WhatsApp on a desktop, i.e., a computer or a laptop.

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The article claims that it is still unclear whether users will be able to view the editing history after selecting the edit option and how long they will be allowed to make changes to the post. The report also made a little suggestion that the edit button might be made available concurrently for desktop and smartphone users.

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