WhatsApp Communities: Differences from Groups, Features, Uses, Availability, and more

WhatsApp Communities:

WhatsApp launched a new feature called Communities. Many big and small organizations like business schools and local clubs trust WhatsApp for secure communication, especially after the pandemic, when people were apart, and it brought them all together. 

WhatsApp Communities are different from Groups: WhatsApp introduced Communities to manage busy conversations and communication groups under one umbrella. Through communities, people can assemble their groups under a single structure, and it will reduce time as now you can send a single message to the entire community rather than selecting one by one each group from that specific community.

For example, communities are working toward better understanding. A school principal can send an important message to all the parents and make groups of all the classes, teachers, and extracurricular activities under the particular community of the school. This way, people use fresh approaches and reduce surplus chats.

In other words, for example, you have 6 WhatsApp groups, i.e. X, Y, Z, etc so you can create a community by adding them and giving a name to that community and if you want to announce anything, you can send it to that community.

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Features of Communities:

Whatsapp Communities Features 1

Meanwhile, the instant messaging app has introduced new features for its users. These include chat group creation and many other features too. According to the company, these features, such as emoji reactions, large file sharing, and admin delete control, are available for communities and any group.

Reactions in Communities:

People can instantly convey their opinions with emoji reactions.

File Sharing in Communities

WhatsApp increases the file-sharing limit to 2GB.

Larger Voice Calls in Communities:

WhatsApp has introduced one-touch voice calling for up to 32 people.

Admin Powers in Communities:

Group admins can remove unsuitable or inappropriate messages from other’s chats.

Powerful Tools For Admins in Communities:

WhatsApp’s feature Communities have vital tools for admins, like announcement messages and group control.

Building Private, Safe, and Secure Communities on WhatsApp

Empowering admins

WhatsApp is empowering admins by giving them control, as they can remove indecent messages from everyone’s chat. Admins can determine which groups will be part of the community. Also, communities consist of new groups or groups linked to pre-existing ones. Community administrators have the authority to remove groups and members from the community.

Providing users enough command on their chats

Users can now control their interactions in communities. People can choose who will add them to groups, and similar options will also apply to communities. Additionally, people will be able to leave communities quietly, block accounts, and report abuse with ease.

Suitable Limits on Size, Discoverability, and Forwarding

The community admin can send messages to all members of the community in the community announcement group. WhatsApp plans to increase the size of the group as it gives more control to administrators and users.

Also, WhatsApp keeps blocking forwarding WhatsApp to keep the conversation private. The current forwarding limit is five, but Communities have reduced this limit to one group at a time. By doing this, the transmission of false information across community groups will be reduced.

End-to-End Encryption and Phone Number Privacy

WhatsApp will continue to encrypt messages end-to-end so that only members of the specific groups can see them. This is due to the private nature of the discussions in these small communities. This security technology protects confidential communications between organizations, workplaces, and personal groups.

WhatsApp will hide your phone number from the public and only make it available to group members and community managers to help safeguard user privacy. This will help prevent unwanted contact and also reduce the risk of people extracting phone numbers.

Taking action against abusive Communities

These new measures and controls are designed to empower community managers to address issues within their groups as they know best. WhatsApp encourages users to report problems and messages directly to us.

WhatsApp will prohibit community members and administrators, delete the community, or removing it whenever a community engages in abuse, such as disseminating materials that encourage child sexual exploitation or violence. WhatsApp will continue to support communities for months and years to come, and as always, we’ll be listening to user feedback on how we can help people connect privately and securely.

Are Communities Private?

Communities are inherently private and that is why WhatsApp protects messages with end-to-end encryption.

Are Communities Secure?

WhatsApp protects private messages and calls in Communities. Also, no one else can read or listen to them, not even on WhatsApp.

How do Communities work on WhatsApp?

Here is a step-by-step guide to how to create a community on WhatsApp.

Step 1– Open WhatsApp on your device.

Step 2– Tap New Chat and then select New Community.

Step 3– Now, tap on Start.

Step 4– Add a picture, a description, and the name of the community. Please be aware that a community name can’t be longer than 24 characters.

Step 5– You can also add the community’s description and community icon by tapping on the camera icon.

Step 6- To add existing groups or create a new one, tap Next now.

Step 7– After adding groups to your community, tap into Create.

Easy Method:

Step 1– Open WhatsApp

Step 2– Swipe Left

Step 3– Click On Start Your Community.

Start Your Community

Step 4– Fill the New Community detail (Community name, Community description) and tap Next.

New Community detail

Step 5– Add at least one group to create community.

create community

Use the Communities for important announcements.


Communities on WhatsApp are available in limited countries (15). Communities have started rolling out and will soon be available to users around the world.


WhatsApp, owned by Meta, recently announced a community feature for its users. The new feature allows users to combine up to 50 WhatsApp groups to form a community. With the instant messaging platform, communities like neighborhoods, parents at school, and workplaces can now connect various groups under one umbrella and host group conversations. 

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