WhatsApp Introduces Media File Transfer Time Estimate Feature 

WhatsApp, the most popular social networking application, has recently announced the possibility of sending media files of 2 GB and now offers some options using ETA options, it says, a time-consuming estimation.

Finally, we can only get 25 MB of files that have extended, and when the size of the file increases, it also increases the duration. WhatsApp users are looking for a feature to enable a media file of large size to have the possible transfer time feature of the media file in it.WhatsApp also offers the best this feature of possible media file transfer time or ETA for some users.

Besides this, in the new feature of WhatsApp, when we download a large media file completely. It shows the estimation time for downloading and uploading time of media files. With this announcement of this new feature of WhatsApp by the most popular platform called ‘WABetaInfo,’ Argentina’s beta testers are currently testing this option.

This feature is available in iOS, Web, and desktop versions but comes in beta testing. Whatsapp introduces this feature to help us by telling us how much time a file will take for complete download on our device.

Whatsapp Beta versions have the latest features and are available on iOS, Web, Android, and desktop to see the expected arrival time when sharing the file. The same information is displayed when uploading a file. This information allows us to understand when a complete file should be sent or downloaded to our device.

WhatsApp says data transfer speeds may vary across different networks. You can mark the differences in the connectivity of 5G or one of the best Internet.WhatsApp is rolling out its features continuously for the ease of its users. This new feature is the time estimation through which a user can understand when his complete file will transfer to another device. This feature is also very beneficial, and WhatsApp has also said that this option will work better after the beta tests.

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