Whatsapp Introducing New Feature to Permanently Store Disappearing Messages

WhatsApp will soon allow you to store missed messages. WhatsApp, owned by Meta, is reportedly developing a new feature that makes people save missed messages.

WhatsApp to store lost messages

 This feature will be advantageous for users who have access to important information such as addresses or phone numbers. A screenshot of this feature is also shared. The report said, “WhatsApp now plans to make it easier to find them, which is why they are developing this section.” 

In other words, a screenshot shared via WhatsApp’s feature tracker shows that WhatsApp plans to introduce a new section within the contact information.

WhatsApp plans to introduce a new section within contact information and group information that lists all messages. Users will only be able to keep messages when they activate the mode. The report states that WhatsApp now plans to make it easier to find them they are developing this section.

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WhatsApp will give users more control over missed messages:

 WhatsApp is already testing changes to its missing messages feature. The company is now testing additional functionality to prevent some messages from being permanently deleted. According to a new report from WABetaInfo (opens in a new tab), any message necessary to group members can mark as an exception. Currently, not much is still unknown about how this feature works. We can expect more blog information in the coming weeks as testing progresses.

Although WABetaInfo can show screenshots of the feature. The ‘kept Messages’ section will allow all users to view and manage past saved messages. As far as we know, starred messages work the same way, but without alerting other group members. 

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More control over messages

This feature work with a 7-day timeline. But this feature has been expanded so that users can choose to delete group chats even after 90 days. WhatsApp brings more features for more controlling chats.

The company was exploring additional ways to resolve the missing messages. When a user activates this feature, incoming chats will delete after applying the setting. But the users can set the same settings for existing chats.

There is a reason for the change in the user interface.

WhatsApp can also take advantage of the changes in the interface. The app will make minor changes to tabs and an additional feature to filter chats. 

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Whatsapp modified its previous features:

WhatsApp has introduced the ability to send files up to 2 GB on WhatsApp.The previous configuration allowed users to transfer only 100 MB at a time, which was not enough. With the increased threshold, moving multiple videos and files at once will no longer be a problem for users. The messenger noted in a blog post that it displays a counter when uploading or downloading, so users know how long the transfer will take.

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Whatsapp is working on several features:

The messaging app is working on several features, including detailed album feedback. It will display a media thumbnail with detailed message response information. However, this feature is under development, so it’s not ready for beta testers.

WhatsApp is also working on the ability to create a full preview of shared links as text status updates when sharing text status updates. Read: WhatsApp Soon Adds Link Previews in Status Section

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