WhatsApp is Going to Increase the File Size Limit Up to 2GB

WhatsApp keeps innovating in its features. It is improving and making its use easier for the users. There are more than 2 billion users of WhatsApp, increasing day by day. For this, WhatsApp tries to make its services the best.

WhatsApp is the most convenient and frequent way of sharing media files with others. But there is still a limit that users can not send a file up to a specific size limit. We can only transfer a media file of 100MB to other users on WhatsApp now. Many users are facing this problem. To solve this, recently the company paid attention to it.

In the future, WhatsApp will provide a facility to its users that shares 2GB of files in messages. This feature is the latest feature of WhatsApp after rolling out the multi-devices feature for all users. Whatsapp is experimenting with this feature for those who wish to send large files through the messaging app. According to current information by Whatsapp beta tracker WABetaInfo, the application has started testing up to 2GB of files limit for sending media files to some users and introduced it to a small number of beta testers.

The information from the Whatsapp beta tracker WABetaInfo says Whatsapp is already experimenting with this feature to send large media files of up to 2GB through the messaging app in small numbers of beta testers in Argentina. According to WABetaInfo, currently, this feature is conducting a beta test on both Android and iOS.

It is not clear when this feature of up to 2GB of sharing file limit will be available in the market, and the company will launch this feature to all users. It depends on the test, can be rolled out to all users in the future, and WhatsApp can roll it back and not release it.
Although, this feature of sharing media files of up to 2Gb with others will be beneficial for all users, for business users, as it will eliminate the use of other file-sending platforms to transfer large files to users. Now, a user will easily use this feature of sending large media files of up to 2GB through the messaging app.

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