WhatsApp is Testing a New Camera Interface for the Android Phones

WhatsApp is a popular app for messaging that uses the internet to deliver messages, music, video, and photos. The popularity of this app is very high, so this application is already in use by more than two billion monthly users worldwide with 5 billion Play Store downloads. Its popularity is increasing even more day by day not only because it is a less expansive app but also for its latest innovations in its features on a routine basis.so, you can say it is on every phone.

WhatsApp is a meta-owned app, and this messaging medium tries to bring new features, but those features do not always introduce to all users altogether. Recently, WhatsApp testing a new feature to increase the file size limit up to 2GB, It keeps updating its features in a short time to make it more user-friendly. Now, Whatsapp will present a new camera interface for the Android beta version that was already iOS users had for a while, with an exhilarating new media bar. According to the latest information, WhatsApp will bring a new camera interface for Android that some users use in beta tests. It will soon be available all over the world.

If you are not a beta tester, do not get worried about it. The WhatsApp updated features can take time to reach everyone, this new camera interface used by iOS devices for months is now going to use by Android users, but soon it will be for everyone. Whatsapp camera interface is not a new thing as it is already launched in iOS some months. The new camera interface and redesigned media picker features are live for Android beta users, But still, there is a wait for a stable app version with these features. 

The Web BetaInfo is a website that gives us information on WhatsApp services. According to Web BetaInfo, the new interface has a new media bar with other significant options. The WhatsApp camera interface is available for those users who have installed the Android beta app on their phones. The first facility is the one previously announced that the capacity to send audio and especially video files will increase to 2 GB. Second, the choice of means is going to simplify a bit. WhatsApp has also announced that six new voice messaging features are being introduced and will publicize soon.

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