WhatsApp Rolled Out the Multi-Devices Feature for All Users

WhatsApp has more than two billion users in all parts of the world, to whom WhatsApp tries to constantly offer new functions and changes to stay ahead in the world of technology. For this, WhatsApp tries to make its services the best.

WhatsApp use on multiple devices is not less than a challenge, and to solve this, Whatsapp is testing a key feature of multi-device support that will work without the phone. Multi-device support allows a phone user to use a Whatsapp account on the Web, Desktop, and other devices. It does not require the phone to be connected to the internet to use this feature.

WhatsApp introduces a multidisciplinary function for users using a beta-specific version of the messaging application, which allows them to access their accounts on mobile, the web, and the computer.

WhatsApp also offers a multidisciplinary function for all users, which allows them to use their accounts simultaneously on different devices and on the web.

The users can use the mobile without the internet on more than four different devices, including the central device in which they create the account. With this testing feature, users can link their accounts to secondary devices and send and receive messages without the primary mobile phone online. WhatsApp can connect up to four devices at one time, but in the form of inactivity, Whatsapp will be log out from the other device after 14 days of inactivity.

This feature of Whatsapp will be beneficial when the phone’s battery is over, and there is a need to use Whatsapp to send an important message. 

Users of WhatsApp can have this feature based on the latest updates on WhatsApp from the Google Play Store. To use this multi-device feature of Whatsapp, a user needs an updated WhatsApp and a secondary device.

Steps to Use Whatsapp Multi-Device Feature on Android Phones:

With these steps, you can activate the multi-device feature of WhatsApp on Android phones.

  • Open a Whatsapp account on your phone.
  • On the right corner of the app, click on three dots and click the Linked Devices option.
  • Then click on Multi-Device Beta and then click join Beta.
  • From the menu, click on Link a Device.
  • Open the WhatsApp web on the browser and scan the QR code by phone.

Steps to Use Whatsapp Multi-Device Feature on IOS:

  • On IOS, in settings Linked Device option is available.
  • Click on Linked Devices
  • Then click on Multi-Device Beta and then click join Beta.
  • Then go back and click Link a Device option.
  • Scan a code by phone, and this feature is activated.

Now, WhatsApp can work on both devices, but the difference is that it can work without depending on the phone. Keep in mind to have a stable internet connection while activating this multi-device feature.

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