WhatsApp Soon Adds Link Previews in Status Section

WhatsApp is working to have a preview of the links that users upload to their statuses. A link preview will better show what someone is sharing in your status. The feature is currently under development. The users can add links to the website in their status. While anyone can do this on WhatsApp, the company will soon start showing a preview of the link when you copy and paste it into your status. This feature is good for getting people’s attention towards the site or link of the video promoted by the user.

After launching many features like emoji reactions, file sharing up to two GB, and more, the preview link will be helpful for its users. This feature is already working in the iOS version of WhatsApp, and it will start in the Android version too.

This preview feature works once you have copied and pasted the link or source of any website in your status, and a preview link will appear as a popup. Preview will further help more attention from users who want to promote a particular website or share a video or site links. The cited source states that this feature will release for everyone in the future for both Android and desktop versions. Currently, it is working in the iOS Whatsapp version. Soon it will be for all other users too.

In other news, WhatsApp is working on a shortcut button for any chat reply. This shortcut button feature will work for a better and faster user experience when someone tries to reply to a particular message. Another great feature that is readily available is file size increase. With the increase in file size up to 2 GB, you can now send videos, photos, or documents through WhatsApp. The company claims that everything will remain end-to-end encrypted. Until then, users will be able to use the new features that have already been tested and implemented. The new Emoji Reaction feature is a beneficial update from its developers. You can reply to any message on WhatsApp with the six emojis that appear in the popup, and once selected, tap and send.

WhatsApp is also working on shortcut buttons that make the user reply fast. The clarity of arrival of this feature is not sure now. Whatsapp is continuously changing in its features. You can reply to any message on WhatsApp with emoji reactions. To add a reply to any message, you need to long-press on a message, and then the app shows six images that you can send with a single tap. Also, users can now send files up to 2GB on WhatsApp. The platform claims that all your files will be end-to-end encrypted.

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