WhatsApp Soon Allow Group Admins to Delete Messages for Everyone

Some messages in a WhatsApp group are irrelevant to the purpose of the group, and the irrelevant messages overshadow the essential messages. To deal with this, WhatsApp will permit group admins to delete messages of others from all the groups. 

Previous group managers weren’t that powerful, but now WhatsApp is giving group managers more power. WhatsApp will now reportedly allow group admins to delete all messages in a group. The Meta began this feature for a few beta testers. The upcoming feature allows group admins to control their groups.

 When misinformation is rampant in Pakistan, WhatsApp is planning a control check for group admins to use their power well and prevent the spread of misinformation. Wrong Information in the WhatsApp group misleads people. Now admin will delete messages for protecting all group members from misleading information. 

The account admin delete feature is available for some lucky beta users, with more activations coming in the coming weeks for other WhatsApp users.

This new feature was helpful for group admin because the admin deletes the message for everyone and themselves. The group admin deletes the messages/notes of everyone, and other members of the group only see the deleted messages. This feature was helpful for awkward massage because some members send unnecessary messages/notes in the group, so the admin has a chance to delete this type of message. 

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Nowadays, unwanted and unnecessary messages create a problem for WhatsApp users, especially group members. When members see unnecessary messages in the group, they are angry with the group admin. So, this feature was helpful and modified WhatsApp for its user’s comfortability. 

WABetaInfo reported that WhatsApp has introduced a new function for group admins in which admins can delete messages from any group member. The updated feature has been introduced by WhatsApp, owned by Meta.

The updated feature is specifically for those users who belong to Android from the beta version. Here the question is: whether all members will know about the deleted messages?

So here the answer is, there will be no secrets between the group admin and Messenger regarding the deletion of messages. According to reports, whenever the group admin will delete a person’s message, all the members will also know about the happening changes in the group.


Every change proves to be a step toward improvement, reliability, and success. This will increase more power of the group admins and will help manage the group in better ways.

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According to the Meta-owned platform, WABetaInfo reported the latest WhatsApp feature will permit group admins to create a peaceful and friendly relationship between group members.

Last year, WABetaInfo announced this new feature. Currently, the new delete feature for WhatsApp admin is not available for all but some beta testers. Yet, the IM (Instant messaging) group did not declare any official announcement regarding this updated feature and didn’t share any details as well.

That’s why we are not guaranteed whether this feature will be available to the public or not. But if we believe in reports, as the feature is available for the beta version, it may be that it will be arriving in a stable update soon.

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