WhatsApp Soon Allows Chat Through Smart Glasses

WhatsApp, the messaging app owned by Meta, will launch a new feature soon by updating the latest Android version to through the Google Play Beta program. With this upcoming update, users can start chats using Meta Voice Assistant.

WhatsApp is a widely used messaging app and is an easy platform to communicate with our friends and colleagues. Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg wants to create Metaverse, and it’s part of his strategy to allow WhatsApp users to talk using Facebook’s Voice Assistant. Facebook’s voice assistant is a technology based on artificial intelligence that works like Google Assistant and Alexa. The tech giant’s focus is on hands-free communication through speech control, and the company plans to do so by integrating WhatsApp with AI glasses. Facebook Assistant is likely to be linked to WhatsApp on Ray-Ban’s stories.

When you connect your WhatsApp to Smart Glass, you don’t need to worry about encryption or privacy. Your conversations and chats will be secure as no one will be able to read your text. Notably, AR / VR smart glasses will allow users to capture their memorable events in photos and videos and exchange messages via Facebook Assistant voice typing on the frame. Let’s keep it simple. Users need to link their WhatsApp account with virtual glasses and then command it for action, for example, “Hey Facebook, message Tom on WhatsApp” By this, your message will automatically be sent to the recipient without holding the cell phone in your hand.

Let’s keep it simple, a new version of WhatsApp for Android is being released by the company very soon via the Google Play Beta Program, and they named it Android version It will also include Meta Voice Assistant. While Meta focuses on its 3D systems Horizon and Metaverse, Mark Zuckerberg has stated that he’s particularly interested in joining WhatsApp within Rayben’s Smart Glasses in the first phase. He additionally hinted at the Facebook voice assistant that might work like Google Assistant and Alexa.

When users communicate with the help of glasses, all the conversations and contacts from one side to the other are safe, and no one can penetrate them. On the other hand, you can soon record videos from Smart Glasses and send them to friends on WhatsApp. That way, with just a few words, you’ll be able to connect and call your WhatsApp friends.

These technologies can change the way of our communication, both in real life and in the digital technological world. However, it’s worth noting that Meta’s Voice Assistant will capture contextual cues in conversation and recognize your voice and facial expressions, and provide instant messaging opportunities to Oculus and Ray. Soon Meta will announce the code for Smart Glass used in WhatsApp with the associated voice assistant AI.

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