Why Activation of Airplane Mode while Traveling Necessary?

What can happen if we do not use airplane mode while traveling on a plane? Do you know its purpose? Many people use smartphones now and have seen airplane or flight mode. But what is its purpose, and if we do not use this mode on aircraft, can there be any significant damage?

If you’re traveling by plane, you’ll often hear flight attendants tell you to switch your phone to airplane mode. So what is the purpose of this directive, and why are airlines doing it?

What is airplane mode?

Airplane or flight mode temporarily suspends smartphone signals and Wi-Fi signals, but other functions continue to work. When you switch to airplane mode, your phone doesn’t receive radio signals to help you text, make calls, or browse online.

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Because it is necessary?

The reason for this is not simple but simply put, airplane mode does not allow any potential interference with sensitive aircraft systems. Aircraft communication and navigation systems use radio frequencies emitted from the surface and are more likely to interfere with radio signals. And as mentioned above, mobile phones and tablets use similar signals.

These signals can affect aircraft transmissions, especially if there is an emergency where the pilot needs a simple line of communication to communicate with air traffic control, but telephone signals can affect that communication. That is why pilots tell people to switch to airplane mode, especially before the plane takes off and lands, so there are no problems.

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What happens if airplane mode is not activated?

If you forget to switch your phone to airplane mode during a flight or do it on purpose, the chances of major damage are negligible. But unfortunately, it can be dangerous if something goes wrong, so avoid doing it.

According to pilots, radio altimeters are used to determine the correct altitude of an aircraft during flight, especially in areas where visibility is reduced due to fog, snow, or bad weather.

He said that if the radio altimeter’s functions are affected, that is, it cannot tell precisely how far the aircraft is from the runway, the results can be disastrous.

Does airplane mode save battery?

In case you didn’t know, wireless signals drain a phone’s battery faster, so airplane mode helps extend battery life. Battery life saved this way may vary by phone, but using Airplane Mode on a plane may last a bit longer after landing.

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