Why do the New Phones have 3 or 4 Cameras? 

We all use phones but do not pay attention to technical things. We have amazing Information about the reason new phones have 3 or 4 cameras. In the current era, the smartphone has become an important need of every human being, see who has a mobile phone in his hand and is lost in his world, it seems that the mobile phone is part of our body and is included in our habits.

Using mobile phones while sleeping, waking up, eating, drinking, sitting, and even in the bathroom is so common that it seems that you are not using the mobile phone, but the mobile phone is using you. Most of us buy phones only for the best camera and then for the price, but have you ever considered why today’s modern phones have more than one camera?

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While the phone’s main camera can focus on anything, the rest of the cameras have similar features for wide-angle, meaning a photo taken from far away can be in focus and sharp. Other phone cameras can blur the background and capture only what you want to capture.

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