YouTube Announced 45% Revenue From Short Videos For Creators

The YouTube video streaming website has increased its competition with the most popular app, TikTok, for short video creators on your platform. YouTube has announced a new payment policy for this. Google’s streaming service YouTube announced Tuesday that it is introducing ads into its video feature “shorts,” with 45% of revenue going to the creators of the videos.

Starting in 2023, those who post short videos will be able to apply to be part of the YouTube Partner Program, for which users must reach a goal of 1,000 subscribers and 10 million short views within 90 days. Those who become a part of this program will be able to earn money through advertisements in short and long-form videos.

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We should note that YouTube is already paying 55 percent of its revenue to video creators, while the most popular short video app, TikTok, has allocated a $1 billion monthly budget for video creators.

For the past three years, YouTube has been competing with the video app TikTok, and in the atmosphere of this competition, YouTube introduced the “clips” feature for 60-second videos in late 2021, whose number of viewers is now monthly. It has reached one and a half billion.

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