YouTube Decided to Pay a Heavy Amount to Podcast Makers

Some credible sources claimed that YouTube decided to pay a heavy amount to a popular podcaster to make a video and voice podcast documentary. But YouTube has not officially announced this.

The amount can range from 50,000 thousand to 300,000 lakh, according to some reports paid to an individual or a network. It will allow you to spend money on making movies and videos. You can do this with a camera and have some video editing facilities. This offer is for a famous and excellent podcaster.

YouTube is a video platform. Although, it also has many popular audio podcasts. These include Full Sand Podcasts and H3. Since October, YouTube has been working on it. First-time Canadian users were able to listen to audio without opening the app. After that, as a podcast expert, Kai Chowk was hired and brought to YouTube. On the other hand, Spotify has ventured on a journey from audio to video.

 The Verge, a popular website, has repeatedly contacted YouTube for its role but has received no response.

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