YouTube Overtaken TikTok

TikTok believes as the most popular app in the world, but surprisingly now, YouTube suppressed it. A recent study revealed that YouTube is peaking in popularity among the masses more than TikTok.According to the research organization Purity Research Center, during the last seven years, young people have reduced the use of Facebook and Twitter.

According to the research, 95% of teenagers use YouTube, while 67% say they are TikTok users. Compared to TikTok, YouTube has introduced new features, including short videos. According to The Verge, Google said in April that people viewed short YouTube videos 30 billion times a day. But no one can deny TikTok’s popularity among youth.

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TikTok Pakistan wants to improve relations with Pakistan as TikTok hiring Pakistanis in Dubai also shows that the demand for this app is increasing in the market. TikTok is more familiar among Pakistanis, and in terms of jobs, there are 36 vacancies. The prominent application aims to facilitate friendly relations with Pakistan. TikTok wants to bridge the cultural gap in the country by strengthening ties to avoid being banned. 

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