YouTube Soon has a Single Homepage of Podcasts

The most popular video streaming app YouTube always brings outstanding features to the public. Some sources claim that YouTube confirmed YouTube soon has a single homepage of podcasts.

According to the tech website, there’s a page dedicated to podcasts,, on the current Explore page of the YouTube app, along with games, sports, learning, fashion, and others, but it’s not there yet in the app’s navigation bar.

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From some news, YouTube says currently, this feature is available to US people, but YouTube plans to bring it to other countries too. YouTube spokesman Paul Pennington says that users will now be able to find new and popular podcasts on YouTube’s Podcasts page.

YouTube has provided a separate page for US users in this regard. Users in the US will see a new podcast button when they visit Previously, Apple introduced the podcast feature in 2005. Then in 2019, Spotify came to the fore, and even big movie stars helped promote it.

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