YouTube “Super Thanks” Feature Available For Eligible Creators

YouTube is now rolling out a super thanks tipping feature on its platform that allows creators to monetize their content which we can enable through YouTube Studio. Previously, this functionality was only available to a limited number of creators, but it is for all eligible creators of the YouTube Partner Program. According to the company, bringing this feature will allow creators in 68 countries to make money from their content.

Commenting on the release of this feature, YouTube said, “Every day, YouTube creators help me learn or acquire something new—from cooking pickles during epidemics to fixing my bike last week. Imagine being able to say a special thanks to your favorite creators or compliment some videos that have taught you something new or helped you. With Super Thanks, you can now! “

Super Thanks on YouTube provides creators with another way to make money and helps them deepen their engagement with viewers like SuperChat and SuperStickers. As we mentioned earlier, the tipping feature was first for a limited number of creators last year. But after tremendous feedback, YouTube launched it in the YouTube Partner Program, monetizing millions for all eligible creators in 68 countries, making it available to creators and viewers. On desktop and mobile devices. Creators can use YouTube Studio to enable Super Thanks for generating a new source of revenue from their videos with just one click – no additional setup or maintenance is required.

How do the YouTube Super Thanks tipping feature work?

Fans will see an entertaining, animated GIF on the channel’s video and a separate, colorful commentary highlighting their purchase, which creators may like. In addition, viewers can now personalize their Super Thanks comments, resulting in more meaningful interactions between the creators and their (super) fans!

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