Apple Watch Series 8 has Features like accident detection, temperature measurement & Sensors

Accidents are painful incidents, and many of us go through this trauma at least once in our lives, but now there is no need to worry about car accidents as Apple released a new Apple Watch Series 8 to protect people from car accidents. Along with this car accident detection feature, a body temperature measurement feature is also available to track ovulation, and it has a new option for low-power mode.

Apple encrypts the data on the devices to keep the watch information private and requires a passcode or biometrics to access it.

The Apple Watch Series 8 has sensors. This watch not only detects car accidents but in the case of a mishap, it can inform emergency services for help. To save the battery for up to 36 hours, the Apple Watch Series 8 includes a low-power mode. The price of the Apple Series 8 in the US is $339. In the UK, it is £419.

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The Apple Watch Ultra can resist swimming, water, and dust. This Apple Ultra Watch’s battery life does not end earlier than an ordinary watch. It has a total battery life of 60 hours. Even a user can complete an ultra triathlon like running, cycling, and swimming by keeping it. The price of the Apple Ultra Watch in the US is $799. In the UK, it is £849.

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