Are the European States Going To Ban Facebook And Instagram?

Recently it has been revealed that the Irish guard declared the new policy about data information due to this it might be possible in the future that Europe countries will have no available service of Facebook and Instagram. The Irish company also states that: Meta company cannot give Europe country’s citizens’ data information to the UNITED STATES or any other state. This indicates a clear sign that Facebook and Instagram will not be used by Europeans. As both apps will be banned in Europe if the collaborations aren’t made to meet according to this policy.

According to social media sources, if a policy agreement will be made not to share European data and information then European users will be disabled to use these apps and will not be suitable for the million of users present in Europe.

Meta also said that Mutual collaborations will be made to resolve this issue as it will be a kind of dispute between the two states. Still, decisions and formulation of law will be made by the European union and the united states for this policy either to share data or not or will ban Facebook and Instagram apps for the users. Negotiations will be made by both sides to make a law policy without discomforting the users.

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One main reason for making this policy is to protect data privacy so that it will be in safe hands. The Irish company also said that cooperation will be made by the European union and the united states in a pleasing manner. This policy will benefit the people that are living in different states because there will be data sharing that will enable the economy of both states. Good relations will be made between the two states.

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A million users are available on Facebook that is the active participant on Facebook and Instagram. In comparison to Facebook, there are several users on Instagram.

Opinions and decisions are still pending in the next month as views exchanging and delegations will be made to formulate this policy. After the decision, it will announce whether European users will be able to use Facebook and Instagram apps or not.

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