Meta Is Going To Introduce New Coding Feature To Track Users Activity

Facebook and Instagram are greatly in use by users. For this purpose; privacy and security are the most important need for both of these apps. According to the social media sources; it has been revealed that soon the META owner of Facebook and Instagram will add a new code feature to the Facebook and Instagram app. Introducing this new coding tracking feature Meta Company will have access to check out the websites directly that are used by Facebook and Instagram users.

The website link will open directly by the META company without any issue. In this way; Meta will be able to keep an eye on the user’s history and what is being used by the users. The historical record will be secured even if the user deletes his/her history.

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All the time users will monitor by the META security department.META also made it clear that when user will use Facebook or Instagram apps; they will be monitored. Since the user website links history will also be saved and records will be kept. To open any website by using or clicking on a given link the website will open; in this way, the META company will have easy access to track the user what is being used by the user at a time.

FACEBOOK and Instagram app take benefit in a way that when the user uses any open link on these apps; links are directly open on these apps’ websites instead of using any other website browser.

Meta made it clear that the introduction of this new tracking feature in Facebook and Instagram apps is introduced on the request of user feedback. Users’ permission will be preferred more because users will have the choice to allow the app to track their history or data and to keep an eye on their work. The introduction of this coding feature is mainly to keep an eye-watch on the users’ work and to collect all data records.

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META also said that introducing a new tracking code feature to both these apps; will alert the users to use these apps smoothly. But the record data will be saved by the meta; but for the data record, the user will have access either to record data or history of Facebook or Instagram app. Passwords, codes all data will be secured by Meta company. It expects good in future it will help a lot of the users.

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