Scientists Have Discovered the Secret of Immortal Youth

 New research reportedly takes another step toward unlocking the “secret of immortal life.” The recent study, published under the title “Comparative Genomics of Mortal and Immortal Cnidarians Rejuvenation” in the PNAS, describes the reasons for this rejuvenation process.

Turritopsis rubra 10893106

To wrap up the lengthy report, the scientists took a jellyfish and compared it to its near-exact jellyfish cousin. By sequencing the genomes, they isolate the same segment of DNA that jellyfish utilize to remodel themselves into a younger version of Turritopsis dohrnii. He can repeatedly regenerate after generating his medusa (umbrella-shaped body), a process that points to biological immortality and defies our understanding of aging.

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In a nutshell, scientists have successfully found the part of DNA that can fundamentally reverse aging, identified which parts are affected, and are now studying it further. Scientists were also able to find segments of DNA that are similar to humans, meaning that one day, perhaps decades from now, it could be used to reverse aging in humans, or it may help treat many diseases that we currently can’t treat.

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