WhatsApp Going to Increase the Message Delete Time Limit

Deleting unnecessary messages is one of the important needs of the users. For this purpose, Meta Company will introduce some new features for Whatsapp users very soon. The feature is soon to be launched as it will provide more reliability to the users, the new feature will be known as Whatsapp Message Deletion Feature.

The introduction of a new feature is still in work and after the completion of this new efficient feature, users will have access to delete the messages within 60 hours. It will be the choice of the user’s to delete the message according to their need. But the Whatsapp feature will be all longer available for the user.

This Message Deletion Feature is in work to test better-quality features soon after its completion, a new feature will be available to the users. Users will be public to delete the messages within 60hours as explained by the company.

As previously known about Meta former features to delete the message the given time to delete the messages was 1 hour. This 1 hour took 8 to 9 minutes or seconds to delete the message. This feature was updated in 2017 lastly.

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Now in 2022, this feature is going to improve, and soon after making new changes to it, this message deletion feature will be available. Better changes are expected with the introduction of this new feature announced by the Meta Company.

Whatsapp now introducing this feature after Apple company made quick and innovative changes to its messaging app. Apple introduced reliable changes in its app similar to Meta and also going to make some good changes in its messaging app feature.
APPLE and META COMPANY are making changes in this year 2022 to make the way easier for the users. As iPhone users have access to delete messages in a given time of 15 minutes as now remarkable changes are going to be made to Whatsapp

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However, the method for the deletion of a message is still the same, it will be the same no changes will be made. Only changes will be made in the duration of deleting the messages. As we get a notification by WhatsApp that a “message has been deleted”same after this new updated feature we will also be notified by Whatsapp that message has been deleted the procedure for the deletion of the message will be the same. Hence the new feature will be great for users and will enhance the privacy policy

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